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frequently asked questions

is sooki & mimi open? do you take reservations?

Yes - we’re open and reservations are strongly recommended for our dining room. 

do you have outdoor seating?

yes! our lovely patio offers drinks and bar snacks. it's available on a first-come, first-served basis. we do not offer our dining room menu on the patio.

can i eat in the bar?

you are welcome to join us for a drink and snack in our bar area (bar seating is also first-come, first-served, reservations are not available). we do not serve our dining room menu in the bar.

what kind of food do you serve at Sooki & Mimi?

the short answer: we serve delicious food.

the longer answer: we serve food that speaks to chef ann kim’s personal journey as a South Korean immigrant woman raised in a suburb of Minnesota, educated in NYC, fueled by a hunger for tortillas and profound respect for masa. while she often feels like she’s in a constant identity crisis, her food reveals the gift of a life lived at the intersection of cultures, sustained by curiosity and appreciation. 

are you a vegetarian restaurant? 

no, however, our inaugural menu was a ten-course celebration of vegetables. our current menu is an omnivore's delight featuring vegetables, fish, seafood, and delicious meat options!  

do you offer takeaway?

we do not. 

do you offer delivery?

we do not offer delivery or work with any third-party delivery services.

who are sooki & mimi?

sooki and mimi are chef/owner ann kim's late-grandmothers. sook-young (or “sooki”), her maternal korean grandmother, influenced ann's love of food and cooking, and her american grandmother thelma (or “mimi”), who introduced ann to the arts and western culture. this restaurant is an homage to them.

do you sell gift cards?

yes! you can buy a gift card online.

i hear there's a basement bar, is that true?

sure is! check out the "basement bar" link above.

can i rent your spaces out for special events? 

not at this time. we love hosting private events, but given the current restrictions on large gatherings, we are unable to offer this type of experience. we hope to be able to assist in celebrating special days and events soon.