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frequently asked questions

do you accept walk-in diners or do i need to make a reservation? 

We happily accept walk-ins, but if you're more of a planner, reservations are available on Tock

what are your hours at Sooki & Mimi?

Our dining room and bar open at 4 pm daily. the basement bar is open from 4 - 11 pm thursday - saturday.

i hear there's a basement bar; is that true?

sure is! check it out.

where can I park at Sooki & Mimi?

we offer valet parking wednesday - sunday through LAZ Parking (pre-purchase your voucher here). There is also free and metered street parking nearby as well as the Seven Points Parking Ramp down the street. 

what kind of food do you serve at sooki & mimi?

the short answer: we serve delicious food.

the longer answer: we serve food that speaks to chef ann kim’s journey as a South Korean immigrant woman raised in a suburb of Minnesota and fueled by a hunger for tortillas and profound respect for masa. while she often feels like she’s in a constant identity crisis, her food reveals the gift of a life lived at the intersection of cultures, sustained by curiosity and appreciation. 

do you serve an à la carte menu? 

Yes, we offer a delicious à la carte menu featuring tacos, wings, masa specialties and more. Our entire menu is available in the dining room and upstairs bar. we also serve a few delicious snacks in the basement bar.

i understand you're a no-tipping restaurant; what does that mean? 

you heard right. We're passionate about cultivating a rich and stable work experience that provides fair and equitable wages and benefits for our entire team. To achieve this, we utilize a no-tipping model, which adds a percentage of the total to each guest bill as a surcharge. One hundred percent of the amount generated by the surcharge goes towards employee wages. You can learn more and explore frequently asked questions here

do you serve food in the bar?

yes! Our entire menu is available in the upstairs bar. we also offer a limited snack menu in the basement bar. 

are you a vegetarian restaurant? 

no, however, our inaugural menu was a ten-course celebration of vegetables. our menu is an omnivore's delight featuring vegetables, fish, seafood, and delicious meat options! 

do you offer takeaway?

no, we do not offer takeaway. 

do you offer delivery?

we don't offer delivery or work with third-party delivery services.

who are sooki & mimi?

sooki and mimi are chef/owner ann kim's late grandmothers. sook-young (or “sooki”), her maternal korean grandmother, influenced ann's love of food and cooking, and her american grandmother thelma (or “mimi”), who introduced ann to the arts and western culture. this restaurant is an homage to them.

do you sell gift cards?

yes! you can buy a gift card online.

can i rent your spaces out for special events? 

yes! we love hosting parties. check out our events page.

can i rent your spaces for a photoshoot? 

possibly. we occasionally rent our space out for commercial projects; however, being a busy restaurant, these dates are limited. rental fees, rules, and restrictions apply to all photoshoots. if interested, please email a detailed inquiry to